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Nuclear Music Player – An Electron-based Music Streaming Player

Nuclear Music Player is a nice looking free music streaming app that pulls its content from various free sources all over the internet (includes YouTube, BC Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Vimeo etc). This is similar to mps-youtube, but the difference is nuclear is comes with a GUI interface. Furthermore, nulcear can automatically scrobble to hence helping you to keep track of all the songs played. Before we proceed on how to install nuclear music player on Ubuntu, lets take a quick look at its features.

install Nuclear Music Player

Nuclear Music Player Features

  • Comes with ability to search for and play music from youtube (including integration with playlists), bandcamp (including albums), as well as soundcloud
  • Also search for related songs in youtube
  • You can download from youtube as well
  • Also you can search for albums (powered by and musicbrainz), album view, automatic song lookup based on artist and track name
  • Song queue can be exported as a playlist
  • Saved playlists which are stored in json file format can be loaded
  • Offers ability to scrobble to (along with updating the ‘now playing’ status)
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How to install Nuclear Music Player on Ubuntu 17.04 & Below

sudo apt install gdebi


sudo gdebi nuclear-george-linux-x64.deb

How to remove Nuclear Music Player from Ubuntu

sudo apt remove nuclear

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